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Mid is a premium Bluetooth® aptX headphone that delivers superior audio and 30+ hours of playtime on a single charge. Its custom 40 mm dynamic drivers lend it a robust sound that balances clarity with just the right amount of bass – perfect for those who demand the best in sound. The on-ear design features a plush headband and 3D hinges that produce an ergonomic fit. Complete with black vinyl, solid metal hinges and brass details Mid is the embodiment of Marshall in a headphone

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replacement battery for Marshall’s MID Bluetooth headphones?

So the battery on my Marshall MID Bluetooth headphones are no longer accepting a charge and it’s 5 weeks after the 1 year warranty.

Marshall has no replacement or repair policy.... just a thanks for your money and here is a coupon towards another pair of headphones that probably will die ....

Sooo I’m trying to track down a batter with 3 wires thats 3.7 V 680mah 2.52Wh abd ive found a bunch ... but with only two wires .

Can I mod these replacement batteries at all ?

I know there must be a way to create something work just like this apparently proprietary battery .

Thanks in advance for any help or direction !

Original Battery (3 wires)

Block Image

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Please take a picture and upload it here so we can have a look.


Hello @jayeff ,

This is definitely some help in understanding it all so Thank you .

The problem I’m still trying to understand is why their seemingly proprietary battery has 3 wires instead of two. I’m guessing at best and I’d rather be certain I can mod a similar battery is size and output before I try this road. And if cours I’d rather just find and one for one swap but that’s proving difficult for me so far.

Anyway.... thank you for taking the tim to elucidate the language of batteries. That is some fantastic Information that I think will come in handy not just in this application but in future problem solving.



Sorry about that @avanteguarde

This is my first time using this forum. I’ve just added the picture of the original battery


@wlafty not sure what the dimensions on this are but this is what it looks like on Amazon.

Red should be hot, Black is negative, White is ground.


Thanks @avanteguarde

Does it matter that the other specs are different ?

Amazon one ; Original ;

3.7 v 3.7 v

1700 mah. 680mah

6.2 Wh 2.52Wh


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Hi @wlafty ,

Have you ensured that the replacement batteries will physically fit into the headphones?

Does the original battery have a string of numbers (most probably 6) printed on it by any chance?

These numbers represent the dimensions of the battery.

This is an example only:

'405070' printed on battery near voltage and capacity information. These numbers can be deciphered as follows:

1. 40 = 4.0 mm depth or height

2. 50 = 50 mm width

3. 70 = 70 mm length.

The convention with batteries is that the first 2 digits are ALWAYS the depth measurement of the battery in mm WITH a decimal point between the digits. (unless obviously it is an extremely large battery).

The next sets of digits are always in mm but sometimes rather than in groups of 2 numbers may be 3 in the case of bigger batteries. Obviously a longer string of numbers)

Hopefully this makes some sense.

The idea being you can search for suitable replacement batteries by specifying the dimension (as printed on the battery) along with the voltage and capacity (either in mAH or Wh) which makes it easier to find the correct physically sized battery as well as the voltage and capacity required.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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The original battery contains a small PCB; maybe some charge control electronics.

I tried to replace it with a battery with three wires and similar capacity from China.

 No success yet. I will try now to use this battery with the pcb from the original battery..

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Have you had any success with the battery you ordered and the PCB? I am considering trying this too.


I tryed with the original battery pcb + another battery with no success. The battery is wired to another pcb on 3 pins marked : BAT NTC GND

I ve seen something interesting :

Is There an NTC Thermistor?

Batteries are often provided with a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor, which is used to prevent the batteries from being charged at temperatures that are too high or too low. The battery, therefore, has three connections: a positive terminal (BAT+), a negative terminal (BAT-), and a connection for the NTC thermistor. Note that some batteries with three connections have only a normal resistor inside that is used for identification. The value of the normal resistor will be constant and will not vary with the temperature of the battery.


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