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Modèles A1297 Unibody : Début 2009, Mi-2009, Mi-2010 & Fin 2011

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Shut off during startup


I've a MBP 2009. With time, I have more and more difficulties to start the computer. When the computer is "cold" (no boot for some hours) and you press the power button, it tries to start (2-3secs), and then shut off. So I restart, again, again and again. With tries, it shut off later. Finally, I'm able to reach login screen. Then the computer is stable and I've no more shut off. I can keep it running during 24 hours without issues.

It's like the issue is happening when the computer is not "hot" or needs energy.


Update (02/19/2018)

Here is the result :

Block Image

It looks like the battery is fine ?

Update (02/27/2018)

Block Image

Thanks @mayer. I replaced the battery with a new "genuine" one. Unfortunately, it doesn't solve the issue. It is still exactly the same. I'm also surprised that even with a new battery, if I unplug the magsafe, the computer shutdowns 2 or 3 seconds after that.

I'm now wondering if it's not an IC issue related to power on the logic board. Maybe you have some more hints ?

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I notice that Coconut is showing a battery failure. I have the same machine on the bench now with a similar issue. But I also have the flu and unable to work on it yet. Will try to remember to get back to you with my finding in a couple of days. If I forget (highly probable, given the way I feel right now) shoot me a reminder in a few days.


Hello @mayer. Did you find a solution ? Thanks


You replacement battery is showing a failure while the original one didn't.


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The 17" machines seem to need more of a startup boost the the 15 or 13 inch machines. I would look at the health of my battery by using Coconut Battery to see if it still has the strength to do the job.


It appears your battery is the original one and about nine years old. Frankly I would replace it.

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