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Does anyone using a Gamevice?


(First sorry that it's not about the 'Steam Controller'.

Gamevice wasn't on the list and I had to choose one to post this.)

So I recently got a mfi controller called Gamevice which can be attached to my iPhone 6s.

And the problem is that its buttons doesn't work right.

Especially the bumpers.

I had to press the button really hard, and it made my hand really hurt.

At first I thought it was broken, but I found out that It wasn't.

There were several comments on Amazon saying about this poor button response.

So I decided to fix this by myself.

But before I open up this machine,

I just want to know if anyone knows how to manage this problem.

I tried to find a solution in this website but there wasn't.

So I would appreciate if anyone could give an advice.

Thank you.

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Did you ever manage a mod/fix?


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You might want to order another Gamevice Controller make sure you have the latest one iv been using this for 2 mouths all my buttons are easy to press just like a console and reaction time Is on point

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