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Nissan introduced the sixth generation Sentra at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in January.

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Where is reset button on Nissan sentra 2008


I have Nissan Sentra 2008 and my problem is a steady low tire pressure light flashing on my dash. The dealership mechanic checked and adjusted the pressure in all wheels but the TPMS light is still on. Doing research on the Internet I found that TPMS sensors should be reset by pushing Reset button. So my question is where is reset button in my car?

If this does not help I will start checking/replacing TPMS sensors in each wheel but I 'd like to avoid that.

Thank you!

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Hi @crimea ,

Did you check the spare tyre pressure?


Thank you for the answer.

I checked all tires including the spare and drove for a while as suggested. I also saw this video. Does anybody know were the Reset button is on NIssan Sentra 2008? Thanks!


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Check the spare tire's pressure as well.

Older Nissan's need to be driven up to 10-15 miles before the TMPS sensors reset.

Otherwise, see if this video helps.

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