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Need help grounding, while replacing flatscreen tv powerboard

I'm trying to replace my powerboard on a large Samsung flat screen. Of course it comes with warnings of death by shock and I'm in the mountains where the static electricity is higher than typical. By a lot.

Hoping someone can talk me through this while my TV is currently taken apart splayed around house. I do not have a grounding wrist bracelet and am hoping there's a GUARANTEED safe and simple way to do this. Thanks.

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Hi @vagabond_savant ,

Disconnect the power cord from the TV or the TV power cord from the wall outlet depending on your situation.

Press and hold the TV Power button for 30 seconds to dissipate any residual power left in the TV.

Ensure TV is not situated where you have to walk across carpet or similar floor covering to work on it. This will generate static electricity in your body, which could damage some components in the TV if you accidentally touch them during the course of the repair.

If you have a static free path to the TV repair area, grab hold of the kitchen tap or spout to discharge any static electricity in your body. Half joking when I say this but some people generate more static than others.

You might think that I'm more interested in the TV than you, but the TV is in more danger of damage from you than you are from it at this point

When removing / replacing pcb handle by the edges of the boards and not place palms / fingers across components.

Above all stay focused on what you are doing, keep a screw count or put them safely aside in a container, if you drop one into the TV find it as you don't want loose metal floating around in the back of the TV.

Study the type of cable connectors that you have to disconnect so that you don't pull the cables out the wrong way and damage the connector on the board.

You'll be fine.

Good luck with the repair

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Thanks! So, you’d say the wrist band isn’t necessary? Trying to debate if I should wait to give one last go at finding one in the morning. But, I’m in a remote area and doubt they have them at this small hardware store. I’ve already unplugged it hours ago and it’s (giant, and) face down already, but if I can find the power button (they make them so hidden on the new TVs) I’ll see if I can get it to do anything. Open to your thoughts if it’s stik safe to move forward, regardless. Thanks for the tips!

I am in the mountains and the static electricity here is pretty intense (I’m like a human lightening rod). So, I def want to be as safe for me and the power board, as possible.


Hi @vagabond_savant ,

A wrist band certainly reduces the risk of static electricity from you causing damage to electronic components.

Personally I've only used them on occasion. Correct handling procedures go a long way to reducing damage in electronics

If you feel that you really have to then you could always make your own awkward and most probably uncomfortable one

Get a suitable length of wire and bare the ends sufficient to wrap around your wrist and then connect the other end of the wire to a metal water pipe coming out of the ground or drive a metal stake into the ground (at least 1.5-2 feet) and connect to it.

As I said uncomfortable and awkward but at least you will be grounded.


Thanks. Well, since that sounds like another language to me at this point (Not wanting to make errors with something like this. I'm new.), I may skip it.

While I realize you are offering advice and not responsible for anything, I certainly value your opinion. If you think I'm safe enough from frying myself or the keyboard without the wrist band, I'll proceed. I also have rubber gloves, if that helps. And will do the suggestions in your first reply, for sure.


Hi @vagabond_savant ,

Just ensure that the power is totally disconnected from the TV and that you have managed to find the power button to discaharge any residual power. If there is no power button as you said that you've had it disconnected for a while a lot of the power would have dissipated anyway.

Rubber gloves are good as long as they don't reduce your handling by masking the way your fingers feel as they grip etc. or that they make you over-confident and you lose that bit of extra care .

Remember to take your time. If a problem arises e.g. how to remove cables etc, STOP and think it through, don't rush at it that 's when mistakes happen. Take a break if necessary and then come back to it. I speak from experience, been there done that.

I'm sure that you'll be fine.


Thanks so much!


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