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Mis sur le marché par Samsung en mars 2016. Modèle SM-G930V.

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How to google unlock a galaxy s7that was gave to me

How to google unlock a phone that is Gmail locked that was gave to me without the Gmail account and password

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The person that gave it to you should be able to unlock it, if they are the actual owners.

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They for got the Google I'd


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You can bypass Google Account easily on this model, just search on youtube Samsung Galaxy S7 google account bypass.

This method works most of the time:

I use the 6.0.1 downgrade method to do google account bypass on S6 and S7.

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I have a Samsung galaxy 7edge. I haven't ever used it. It was given to me and the people before I got it factory reset it and now the Google lock has prevented me from using it. somehow I got it to recognize my Google account and my password and phone number. but it still will not let me in. I get notifications on my other phone. I try logging in on it I don't know what to do. it recognizes it but it will not let me in. any suggestions?

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They were not the original owner. I don't know what to do. Please help.


This is what's happening to me too and I don't know what to do


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