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Released May 2015, identified by model number SM-T350. Features 8.0″ TFT capacitive touchscreen, 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth.

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Slow charging using the original charger and wall socket

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 inch for a year and 6 months old. Never dropped that into water. The battery seems like getting defective either or just the motherboard or even the hardware issue I'm not sure. But it charges very slow! Like it takes up to 6h to be fully charged from around 25-30% or even higher. So I'd like to question this, I use an original charger and always use the wall socket for better charging and I have checked all the ports whether they have debris got stuck in there but it's clean and in good condition ( no malfunction). At other time it could take a normal charging time but most of it never being normal. Done the Factory reset and wipe cache partition no results. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance

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These tablets take around 4 hours to charge from a flat battery.

Consider getting a USB ammeter which you can find online on eBay to check the amperage output of a wall charger.

Make sure you are using a 2A wall charger and as said from the other answer another charging cable if you haven't already.

Chances are the charger port needing replacement from being worn.

Just pointing it out there but there have been some cases where liquid damage / corrosion was found behind the charging port inside the tablet.

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I've finally figured out the mystery to this “use original charger that came with your phone" nightmare! After purchasing many, many, many new original Samsung chargers that have the fast charging feature. If you plug your cord into anything other than a fast charging charger (computer, battery pack, different wall charger) it's over! You can't. I had to buy a battery pack that offers fast charging option. If you have that original fast charging feature charger, never plug it into any charging device that doesn't have that as well. Pretty slick trick of Samsung tbh. I've purchased nearly 20 chargers between 3 phones that had this issue. There was no way all phones had the same charging problem. Since figuring this out… issues

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Are you saying that once you charge your Tablet or phone into a fast/quickl charger, you have to use that charger forever afterward? I started out with the samsung charge, moved to quick chargers and I now have atablet that will not charge


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Hey fristantiawidarta,

First, try a new charger cable and wall adapter. If it still charges slowly, I would recommend getting a battery replacement. Most phone's batterys start to degrade over time, so this is more likely. Also, when you do decide to upgrade your phone, a new battery will increase the resale value.

Hope this helps,


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There might be loose connection issue in your phones charger adapter may be replacing it will solve this but charge with same configuration charger first !

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