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Repair guides and support information for SkullCandy Hesh on-ear headphones.

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Why do my headphones keep beeping?

I have the Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless headphones and a Iphone 6s with the latest IOS. the battery is fully charged but everytime a new song starts or get a message they beep (not message notification beep) or when i press play on a video. literally everytime.. even when my phone is muted and it even happens when I type sometimes (when that happens it beeps like every other letter) does this happen to anybody else? how do I stop this? it’s very annoying when i skip multiple songs and it keeps beeping

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Mine do the same exact thing but they are Skullcandy Ink’d wireless headphones with an iPhone 8. Really annoying.


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See this thread.

Why does my headphone keeps beeping very frequently?

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