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La version grand format du smartphone phare de Samsung. Mis sur le marché en mars 2018.

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Glass replacement price options

Any idea as to how much it could cost to replace the glass on the back of the s9+ lilac?

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As it is still unavailable everywhere, including samsung care, my only theory due to the false advertisement that gorilla glass is solely responsible for, Samsung didn't need to have replacement parts so soon. Especially back glass....................................

Although I should patent this idea, a creator should be sub contacted to create a tempered back glass!!! And instead of solid cases incorporate foam lining into a case however it would probably be bulky but and case I end up deciding will brake the glass upon impact.

Or design diamond plated glass. Like shaving from diamonds added to the b's mixture to upgrade away from gorilla glass.

I'll find out at 3pm if att will replace my device under the remorse warranty. My device was only 6 days old. But gorilla glass isn't shatter proof and they manage to design windshields?!?! very detailed web layout for lies!!!!


hello sir,

can any one tell me how much the display costs for s9.


it's amazing how expensive it is to repair the screen at a repair facility, when you can get the phone repaired through AT&T insurance for only $49 deductible. However, I have insurance and I was recently denied by Asurion. I have tried to find a phone screen repair kit online and I have been unsuccessful thus far. This is very annoying.


s9 $219 cheaper to replace entire phone at this point..


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According to the Samsung Concierge customer service dude I'm speaking to at the moment regarding replacement of the back cover/panel due to a crack I noticed, he said:

"The estimated cost for the back cover replacement is approximately SGD$120. Do take note that there will be a SGD$32.10 for service & labour charge.

Exact price will be advised to you upon evaluation been done by our technician."

Thanks to Samsung Concierge, price will be halved, including the service and labour charge, so the customer service dude confirmed that it will be SGD$76.05 total the entire back panel.

I did check that since I have up until May 16th 2019 to benefit from my Samsung Concierge out-of-warranty 50% Savings on repairs, I can still continue to use the phone as it is not a big deal so far, and since I may incur further damage to the phone during this time, I might as well wait as long as possible before using this one-time half-price home-visit repair.

I also asked what the price is for repairing of the s9+ front screen and LCD, just in case I damage it during this period.

Official Answer:

The cost for replacing the screen of S9+ is approximately SGD$370.

The screen replacement would be inclusive of the screen + LCD together.

I suppose that means in the worst-case scenario, if my front screen gets damaged too, before a year elapses on my purchase date, I can get a full repair on the front and back panels, glass and LCD display for SGD$261.05 (after the 50% discount), and the technician will come to my home to do it, too.

Hope this helps, first time using the site.



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Your first hurdle will be getting your hands on the rear glass of such a new device.

If you can find someone that can source the part the second hurdle is price.

It will more then likely be an expensive repair considering the device was just released.

iPhone 8+ and iPhone X rear glass repairs are ranging from $150-200 USD

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Not entirely ethical but insure your phone mazuma mobile for instance (in uk) ...wait a few weeks then claim for a repair.....might not be completely honest but needs must.

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