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Looking for parts to Vox Valvetronix VT20X

So a drunken friend of a friend fell on my Vox Amp and broke off the power supply at the amp. Its a small chip labeled "KLM-3507". I've managed to trace down that this is a KORG manufactured PCB. The issue I am having is finding anyone locally who works on amps that can help me track down a place to order this part.

Hoping someone out there may be smart enough on VOX or KORG amps to let me know either where to order this part from, or if I am missing something about the part number and there is another chip I should order. Final option, if someone knows a good way to jerry rig a new and possibly more robust power supply that would also be more advisable than my current "make it a coffee table" option.

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I noticed that no one responded I’ve been having this same problem my power port cracked and it’s the chip labeled klm-3507 did you even find out how to fix it or where to get a new one??


Never got anywhere with it. I was able to mickey mouse it back together with tape, hope, and prayers. Longer term I think the best option for me is to keep eyes out for another broke amp and snag the card out of it.

Not my ideal solution, but I am just lucking out finding a vendor selling KORG cards.


I have the correct replacement 12vdc Jack.

Can I solder wick the old, broken one off the board using a medium duty soldering iron (up to 900F), and simply solder the new jack onto the original board?

The solder on the original board seems very high temp?


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Hi @gconlon13 ,

Here's a link to a supplier

It is in a set of 5 boards and the set is not available but needs to be ordered. Maybe you could contact them about the individual board.

Apologies if you've been here already.

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i know this is an old post but i found the plug part that attaches to the pcb board. That is where my plug broke — the pcb board is fine. If you have the same issue and just need to repair the plug, then use Korg M50-61, M50-73, M50-88, R3, KP3, SP170, KROME, VT20X, DC Jack, 510450522504, 500454012732 Its found at and

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Just letting you know I've restored your "deleted" answer.

Sometimes the iRobot gets it wrong and confuses helpful part information with spam

Thanks for your input




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