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Most of my text messages show (No Subject - Message size 1KB

Most of my incoming texts show:

Shows (No subject - message size 1KB - Expires 12:05 AM Apr 10)

When I tap on it, Failed to download - try again later and fails everytime I retry even though other texts appear.

Is this a common problem? How do I fix it?

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Can anyone help me?


I'm using Virgin mobile Canada


Hi @avanteguarde ,

Would be interested in your take on this.

Perhaps only on texts from certain parties as this quote seems to indicate that some work OK?

"...even though other texts appear."



No, there are times that some of them come in ok and other times they don't.


I have the same proem, it happens when I join groupchats.


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Hi Paul,

Check the following 2 things:

a) Is Data enabled?


Select Apps.

Select Settings.

Scroll to and select Mobile networks.

Select Access Point Names.

Select MORE.

Select Reset to default.

Select OK. Your phone will reset to default Internet and MMS settings. Network problems should be solved at this point. Remember to turn off your Wi-Fi before testing. ...

Select ADD.

c) add if it isn't there the new APN settings:

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I followed the instructions down to the new APN settings; but I'm not with canada virgin mobile so now what?


Hi @Gwendolyn Waldorf

Go to your mobile phone service provider's website and search for the required APN settings. They are usually shown where it says "how to set up your phone" or search online for "APN settings (insert mobile phone service providers name)"


24th January 2021

I could not delete a particular text that I had sent to number 70007 and showing on my phone as having (no subject)

None of the advice followed, worked for me and I could not delete the text.

I tried all all of the recommendations on different forums with no luck at all


This morning I decided to send a text to the number in question. I sent the word STOP to 70007 although l don't suppose it would matter what number was entered.

Once the text had been sent the (no subject) had disappeared and was replaced with STOP in my list of texts.

Now that the text had been changed I simply selected the text pressed delete and it disappeared and as now not come back.

I hope this helps?



I sent the word STOP to 70007 although l don't suppose it would matter what WORD was entered.

Your text that had No Subject, now shows STOP in your text list and can easily be deleted as normal.


I followed the instructions as described, but just chose my own network provider at the end (instead of Canada Virgin Mobile) ~ it worked 100% perfectly fine!


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Sounds like you're attempting to use MMS vs SMS, MMS may require additional settings. You may want to contact your carrier, if you haven't, and see if there are additional settings in the APN that were not properly configured. The other thing they should be able to do is manual reset your services on their end, we call it reprovisioning.

The link from @avanteguarde provides the APN settings, unless it was changed and they just never updated it.

Good Luck

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Uninstall any 3rd party messaging apps you aren't using, such as Hangouts, Messages (different from the one that came with your phone), etc… Then clean your cache and storage, and reboot your phone. This worked for me!

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I have had this problem pop up repeatedly (every month or two). I am not positive but I believe the problem is associated with using Facebook Messenger. Somehow FM either takes over for the phone’s original messaging solution or messes with the settings on which it relies. Many posts suggest the problem is associated with Hangouts app but I do not have that app installed on my phone, so it must be something else. So far, I have been able to solve the problem of No Subject texts by restarting my phone.

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Did you figure this out? seem to be having the same issue and don't have Hangouts.


I just had 13 messages from various contacts, each one won't download, strange thing is, every one has a future date, not today's date! I cannot send or receive images, text is fine. I use Boost mobile, l have a J7 Perx phone. Boost mobile techs tried to fix issue, suggested a factory reset.


I have the J7 Perx phone and getting the same problem


I have tried all the resets except Factory reset and Safe mode. I afraid of factory reset. Where can I find what all gets reset using this? Thanks


I had the same issue. Group texts would come over individually and not be able to be downloaded. Also could not get picture messages. Everything else on my phone worked fine. Several calls to Boost mobile with no luck. They sent me a new SIM card. I called to activate it because it didn't just work, they told me it wouldn't work because it was a 5G SIM card. They put me on the phone with someone, who did the same thing I had done a bunch of times. Resets etc, I had just done a factory reset no luck. Everything worked fine except my messages. Transferred me to a specialist, she was able to fix it! Basically I had to switch it back to the CDMA network and my phone now says 3g above the bars but everything works. She said essentially my phone isn't 100% compatible with Boost's new upgraded network. So I couldn't send any message that was over 100kb. But even small pictures under that wouldn't work. Either way I've sent probably 30 picture messages since then and it is working now. Hope this helps


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I had that problem, as well, in Oct 2020. I had been with Virgin Mobile, which “became” Boost. It appears/appeared to be a Boost network problem as it was upgrading to 5G. My son suggested I switch providers, which I did, and the problem was “solved.” Good luck.

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