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Acer's 15.6 inch E5-571 series laptop manufactured in 2014.

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Cannot turn on system or launch repair mode


I am writing to ask you about a problem that I have with Acer Aspire E5-571G-52VR. This laptop has Intel Core i5-4210U, GeForce 840M 2GB and 4GB of RAM and is not mine. A few weeks ago it has been cleaned and I installed Windows 7 64bit there. There hasn't been any problem before yesterday. When owners were using this computer, it suddenly turned down the system itself. When they were trying to turn on this computer, launching screen was shown but after that, there was the blue screen for a second and laptop rebooted system itself.

I was trying to reboot the system using repair mode and also trying to install a new system with original CD. It is working for a short time and then everything crashes.

What could it be? Is it hardware or software problem? How to solve this?


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Hi @vinciking ,

Try starting the laptop in safe mode and see if it boots to the desktop OK and then stays on.

If it does, then try disabling auto restart on system failure.

Shutdown the laptop and then start in 'normal' mode and see if there is an error message when you get the blue screen.

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I can't even start the laptop in safe mode. It's loading files and then blue screen and restart.


Hi @vinciking ,

If you have the Win 7 installation CD, boot with it and select the repair this computer option.

Do the memory diagnostic and the the startup repair.

Apologies if you've already tried this.

Depending on your brand of HDD check online to see if there are any 'stand alone HDD diagnostic software programs for your HDD. i.e. ones that you can boot from that don't need an OS.

If you can then having checked the RAM earlier and then the HDD there isn't much left except the motherboard.


Hi @jayeff

I have the Win 7 installation CD but it doesn't help anywhere. Whenever I select 'repair this computer' option nothing happens after that. All options disappear and there is only background and mouse cursor. It may stay like that for hours. I tried everything to open Windows.


Hi @vinciking ,

Just as a test.

Try testing the RAM, just to make sure that it boots OK and then that all the RAM is OK.

You may need to get into BIOS to change boot order to USB first. Also if it doesn't boot from USB check in BIOS that legacy USB or CSM is enabled.

If the RAM is OK then as suggested before check if there is a standalone, bootable HDD diagnostic program provided by the manufacturer of the HDD. If there is use it to test the HDD.

In the end you may have to connect the HDD to a desktop PC and copy all the USER data (if you can) and then wipe the HDD and start a new installation on the HDD in the laptop


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When using the W7 install disk can you get into the command prompt and see the directory of the C: drive?

If not it is probably corrupted. This does not mean it can not be repaired.

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