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touchpad is stuck when sound is being played

When playing any sound on my laptop (youtube, windows sounds etc..) my touchpad stops working till the sound stops.

while there's sound :

  • touchpad won't make the mouse move
  • touchpad buttons still works
  • usb mouse still works
  • I also have pointing stick in my laptop it also works and makes the mouse to move.

I have tried to check for driver updates, tried to look on the internet for similar issues but with no success.

any ideas ?

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Hi @nuuuuuu1 ,

What OS is installed in the laptop?

Which "driver' did you look for, audio controller as well as touchpad or only touchpad?


If you have a Latitude E5410, can you make sure you installed the latest BIOS?



it's Latitude E5470.

I made BIOS update from dell website.

my auido card id is : HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0293&SUBSYS_102806DE&REV_1000

the installed driver is realtek:,2015-10-08.

touchpad hardware ID is: ACPI\VEN_DLL&DEV_06DE

driver for it is : Alps 10.2207.101.108

i have tried to downgrade my audio driver and something changed - the mouse moved in a wiered way and kept stop all the time.

downgrading the touchpad driver didnt change a thing.

reinstalling the newest driver made the touchpad not to work again. so it might be a lead...


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Hi @nuuuuuu1 ,

According to this link to the Dell drivers for your laptop, your Audio drivers are out of date.

It doesn't matter what OS is installed (you didn't say) as the drivers are the same for Win 7 32- bit, 64-bit, Win 8.1 64-bit & Win 10 64-bit.

The Realtek High Definition Audio driver is Ver. 6 0 .1 .6122 .A08 Release date 27/07/2017 Updated 05.12.2017.

The Dell Touchpad driver is Ver.10.2207 .101 .108 .A00 Release date 06/03/2018 Updated 08/03/2018.

I suggest that you download the audio drivers and install them.

Alternatively use a USB mouse and uninstall both the audio and touchpad drivers and restart the laptop and let Windows "find" them and reinstall them and check how it works.

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thanks for the answer.

i did it now, and i have the latest drivers as you suggested now but im still having the same problem


Hi @nuuuuuu1 ,

Did you try uninstalling both the audio and the touchpad drivers and restarting the laptop and let Windows find and install the drivers?


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Don't use the Dell audio drivers.

Download the latest from

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