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The Samsung Galaxy J1, released January 2015, model number SM-J100VPP/SM-J100H.

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Why does my Phone keep turning itself off and then back on?

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy J1. I can't find any reason for it.... I will be looking at Instagram posts or talking on snap chat and then it will just turn off and then turn back on all on its own. and sometimes when it turns on, it gets stuck on the Verizon screen and the only thing i can do is take the battery out... is this a bad idea? other things at have been happening lately that might have something to do with it are that it has been really slow lately and sometimes it dies when it is still pretty far from 0%

If anyone might know what is wrong and how I can fix it, please help. Thank you!

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Consider getting the battery replaced as it's a relatively cheap and easy thing to try first.

Very common issue that is usually caused by the battery on phones these days.

Since iFixit appears to not sell these batteries I will recommend a few mobile phone suppliers such as:

- Mobile Sentrix

- Mobile Defenders

- Injured Gadjets

If you can't find them there then you'll have to search for the battery via eBay using the model number of the phone which you can locate either on the back cover of the phone or on a white label in the battery compartment.

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