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Modèle A1419 / Fin 2012 / Processeur 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 ou 3.4 GHz Core i7, ID iMac13,2

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Slow and fan running fast

I have a Imac 27 inch with emc 2546. The issue we are having is that it is really slow and I also noticed the fan is running fast. The usual steps have been done, PRAM.SMC resets ,reload, and even tested memory. I replaced memory with known good memory.

Nothing helps and it is still running slow. I even tried to run it with a external drive and it is still slow and the fan runs fast. So I am down to thinking either logic or hard drive. I really don't want to "experiment"by replacing the drive to see if that is the issue. I saw one similar issue when the display was replaced but to my knowledge it has never been taken apart.

If it is the hard drive I don't mind taking it out but if it is the logic I may delete this from our inventory as we are a school system. Thanks in advance.

Update (04/23/2018)

This morning I came in before I noticed a reply to this. I got brave and removed the display. I then replaced the drive in the unit, it was almost the same drive model. Anyway I put it back together and it was still extremely slow. I noticed this reply so I downloaded the TG Pro and installed it as suggested. I ran it and tried to get a screen print to post but it just locks up due to speed.

But I did notice a few things about the temps. The memory and the ambient temp are close. The CPU and LCD seem to be just a little bit hotter and I took that as normal. All of this would be what I would guess to be normal on one working correctly. The big problem I noticed was something called the platform controller hub die. It was double or more the temp of everything else. And the longer it runs the hotter it gets and other items get warmer. Not being familiar with this I looked it up and it assists the CPU from what I took from it and one of the items it deals with is clocking speed. So what I am thinking is that this chip is on its way out causing it to go slow and over heat. So from replacing the drive with no improvement and the chip overheating I think its probably the logic board. Thanks for your help

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Is the drive the original Apple drive or something else?

Download this app: TG Pro take a screen snapshot of the main window (make sure its fully expanded so we can see all of the sensors) and post it here for us to see: Ajout d'images à une question existante


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I would recommend you put the original drive back in and resecure the display with a fresh set of adhesive tapes. Bring it into an Apple Store and let them replace the logic board if that is truely the issue. Ask for the bench fee + parts this will be the cheapest you can get to repair your system.

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