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Released in 2015, this laptop can be identified by the model number ba0709dx. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Caps lock flashing continuously

My HP 15 is not displaying after replacing an LCD and flashing caps lock continuously

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Yes its flashing continuously no pattern


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Hi @vinnie263 ,

Are you sure that it blinks continuously and that there is not a pattern to the 'blinks' e.g. 2 slow blinks, 3 quick blinks, 2 slow blinks etc

Here is a link to the HP LED fault code diagnostic information which may be of some help.

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Its flashing continuously No pattern


Hi @vinnie263 ,

You may have to go back and check your work.

You could try disconnecting the video cable from the motherboard (also the backlight power cable for the screen if it is a separate cable) and see if this gets rid of the flashing light

Do all the work with the power disconnected (this includes the battery)

You did disconnect the battery from the laptop when you replaced the screen didn't you?)


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