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A BTX computer introduced in 2006 using a Intel LGA775 socket processor. The 5150 is identical to the E510.

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I'm having start up issues on Dell Dimension 5100

When I press the power button only lights 3 and 4 are green on the front and the screen is saying "in power saving mode- move mouse or press any key on keyboard" still nothing happens.

PS this is the first time I've powered it up in about 3 years (trying to retrieve old files!)

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In my experience there are usually three things that can fix this issue.

1. Reseat the memory (Also it could be bad memory)

2. Replace the power supply.

3. It's an issue with the motherboard and it will be replaced.

Now, if you only need to get files off and you don't care to fix the computer, buy an external hard drive caddy. They can be had for $20 or so and connect via usb. You just take your hard drive out and sit it in the caddy. It basically functions like an external hard drive at that point.

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Here’s some key things to review:

  • Has the memory been recently replaced(Memory only lasts 2-3 Years)
  • Has the CPU been recently replaced(CPU only lasts 3-4 Years)
  • Have you reset the CMOS
  • Have you tried replacing the CMOS Battery(Typically replaceable with a CR2032 Cell Batery)
  • Is your CPU compatible with your motherboard(Sometimes a new CPU will not play nicely with your motherboard)
  • Are you using DDR2-400(PC2-3200) or DDR2-667(PC2-5300)

Sometimes new components will not play nicely with older systems. Check the compatibility of all of your components.


Richard Smith

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