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La version 2016 de la série d'ordinateurs portables Apple destinés aux professionnels. Dispose d'un écran Retina de 15 pouces, d'une résolution de 2880 sur 1800 pouces, processeur quad-core Intel Core i7, 256 Go / 512 Go /1 To / 2 To en options de stockage, RAM de 16 Go et un clavier équipé deTouch Bar. Sorti en novembre 2016. Numéro de modèle A1707.

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Horizontal lines on display unless lid half closed

This is my work computer that lives in my drawer. No wear and tear to speak of (other than opening and closing the lid). Opened the lid mid-day one day and horizontal lines completely cover the display.

Block Image

Block Image

If I slowly close the lid to about half way, the lines will disappear.

Block Image

Block Image

Only to reappear when the lid is opened again. Obviously a connection problem. This is a work computer and the repair shop quoted work $3000+ for this repair. Ludicrous. Also, no apple care was purchased so this barely-more-than-a-year-old top of the line Apple computer is suddenly worthless.

I'm not afraid to open the case, but could someone direct me to the cable that I should unseat and reseat, or perhaps even replace?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Everybody needs to complain on the Apple Forum, there is a change they take the 2017 models with glitching horizontal lines back when there are enough people with the same issue, please let's unite here!


My mother's mid-2018 Macbook Pro 13" has exactly the same problem


@Natasja Wal Following up with mine!


my mid-2014 macbook pro 13 inch has the same lines but only on one side of the display


I just started getting this exact same problem on my 2017 13inch MBP running Big Sur. I've had this OS running fine for a while. Not sure why this is suddenly happening but it's quite frustrating


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Here’s the skinny on the connections:

Block Image

Photo credit: @just1ed

Sadly, Apple has a problem with this design. If you review some of the IFIXIT answers you’ll see quite a few of the Touch Bar and Function Key models having display issues where the angle of the display effected things.

There is nothing serviceable here, you’ll need a new display lid assembly ($$).

I would go to an Apple Store to see if they will cover this under a warranty exemption.

You’ll likely need to push a bit, don’t give up until you speak with the regional manager. Be polite but firm, don’t get loud as all you’ll end up doing is having them shut down.

I would go mid morning on a Tuesday as the staff has recovered from the weekend and not jaded from the heat of the workweek. Let us know how it goes.

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Does this mean that the damage is within the connection cables of the LCD on the logic board and not the LCD itself? Would there be a possibility that the damage may be inflicted by users? I'm worried that if I bring this to Apple, they might just blame me for it and I wouldn't really know since I don't consider myself a techy person.


The issue is within the ribbon cables from the display to the T-CON board held just above the main logic board. As described by Ben here.

The display, ribbon cables & T-CON board are all in one replaceable unit. You can't replace the discreet pasts.

As for your case I can't say as you didn't tell us what you've encountered. Did you sit on your system or bang your system? Did you get it wet or spill a drink into it? If both are not then Apple in my option is on the hook to replace your display assembly.


I happen to have a crack at the top right part of my screen. That's why I'm worried that if it's the whole LCD that Apple needs to replace, then they might be asking me to pay for the whole repair.


Ouch! Thats a user created event. Sorry Apple won't do this under warranty. If you have AppleCare + which is a service contract you will at least will get a discount on the cost of the repairs. Do you have AppleCare +? If not its going to set you back around $700 - Sorry.


Oh dear. :( If only there was a way for them to just fix the ribbon cables. I'm all fine with dealing with small crack as it is on the bezel part. Sucks that this is how they engineered their macs :(


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I doubt it will be this easy.

To save another 1/10 inch of thickness, Apple choose to put the LCD TCON board in the bottom and run the LCD row flex cables over the hinge, Running a flex cable, instead of just round cables through require a spring loaded reel mechanism to reel the cables in and out. If the reel is stuck or slow, the cables are pulled or wrinkled up, potentially causing damage. Only the display eDP cable (internal DisplayPort - iDP) is a socket connection, the rest is directly soldered together.

The eDP cable from the motherboard to the TCON board is just over the CPU heatsink, there are additional cables that are socked to the TCON board and run in to the display, these are likely just backlight and are not relevant, however they can be line select cables that may have something to do with the glitch.

If it is flex cable damage, you may need to replace the whole upper section with hinge and TCON board as there is no way to get to the screen end of the flex cables.

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Sigh. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I guess this is what it is to be on the receiving end of Apple's zero maintainability policy. I'll have a look at the cables you mentioned and will hopefully get lucky.


Did you manage to solve this? I've got exactly the same problem. Seems like a great bit of apple engineering here.


I have the same problem as well. But in my case, when I close the lid half way and open it fully again, it goes on a blurry state.

Also, is this considered a hardware problem by Apple? I want to know if I can have my laptop returned for a free fix from Apple.


Currently no public recall/service programs has been announced for display cable breakage.


They should!

This is going to be a bigger mess than the butterfly keyboard issues and the poor cooling with the i9 CPU which is throttled (beyond the firmware bug which Apple fixed).


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Not that this helps, but I’ve had the same problem - twice. In fact this MacBook Pro (late 2016 model) has had so many problems. Firstly 3 or 4 keys had to be replaced because they kept on falling off, and then the whole keyboard was replace. Then around 4 months ago, horizontal lines started appearing on the screen just like you describe. They were intimitant, but I hadn’t realised it was due to the connection in the hinge. Thankfully I took out AppleCare for 3 years, and they replaced the display and board. But just a week ago the problem has returned. It definitely changes depending on the angle of the display, but today it’s even worse, and the lines don’t go until I put the display at a very low angle.

I am really not impressed.

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My girlfriends 2017 MBP 13" Touch Bar 4 Thunderbolt Ports just started showing horizontal black lines all over the screen a few days ago. Sometimes there is additional ghosting where previous contents of the screen are showing in some areas of the screen.

We contacted apple support, tried all the resets etc. but nothing helped. As she is out of warranty, they only offered her a paid replacement for over 500 Euros...

A little bit of googling shows that this issue is very common and apple knows about it but does not do anything. I even own a macbook pro 2018 15" myself and had this issue also. Luckily I was still under warranty and apple replaced the screen but this shows that apple quality has become a joke. The current devices will be the last things that we ever bought from apple.

Especially in times of corona where everyone relies on their PCs, this is just a sad joke.

If anyone knows some DIY solution please let me know. There are also reports of apple deleting posts like this. I hope this is not the case.

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Have this problem as well from a Mac 2016 model purchased late 2017. Out of the warrantee period.

Previously had keyboard issues also.

This is the straw that breaks the camels back in terms of sticking with Apple. Their service has gone down hill rapidly, while the problems with their products are climbing.

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Just got the same issue with my MBP touchbar 15 2016. I looked around the web and found a dedicated page for this #flexgate issue:


more stuff about it:

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Got this issue as well on my MBP 15 2016. Apparently they are calling it the ‘Flexgate’.

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Hey guys. Any news? Got the same problem wit my MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar. If is lid open more than 40 degrees, there are horizontal lines on screen.

There is some special warranty program for similar problem. But I was told that it’s not my case. The quality program is just for those with back light problem.

So there is almost same cause and totally same solution, for both change of the display.

Anyone has better experience?

I was trying to apply the extension warranty in Prague. There’s no original apple store, just franchise. Do you think I have better chance in the USA?


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Here's a temporary solution that is working for me. The short seems to be sensitive to torque on the right side hinge. If I lower the screen until the lines disappear then VERY slowly raise it while holding ONLY the left edge of the screen about half way up the bezel (so the force on the screen is along the left) it allows me to raise the screen to a normal position without the cable shorting.

Im sure others' mileage may vary depending on the condition of the ribbon cable definitely but worth a try.


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Mine was repaired under the warranty program

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I am using macbook since 2 years.

All was ok & suddenly one day i meet Horizontal lines in bottom of macbook screen.

I think apple doing this lazy issues intentionally to force consumer to purchase new.

Here is the situation when it came in my case:

I heavily used below GITHUB commands while working on my project.

the project location was desktop in my case:

git fetch --all

git reset --hard origin/master

git reset --hard origin/<branch_name>

then i found my macbook got freeze for seconds & start displaying those Horizontal lines.

Permanent Solution:

  1. I forced shutdown mac.
  2. I pressed shift+control+option + shutdown button for 10 seconds
  3. My mac started then i click select restart mac option from top mac icon
  4. then i press D button for some some time time until i got window for diagnosis - follow process from here(How to use Apple Diagnostics on your Mac)
  5. After mac diagnosis complete i found no issue with my mac & i start mac again.
  6. i found all ok no issue since then


I not put all in order but mostly all are important.

  1. I also turn off keyboard lightturn off auto screen.
  2. I deleted all utorrentcrome extensionsall heavy software that not use.
  3. Don’t use Apple provided widget on Desktop. (it is overlay on screen)
  4. Don’t charge mac 100% all time.
  5. Don’t keep open multiple application if not need.
  6. Don’t download softwares that supports ads.
  7. Don’t put your macbook on you body. Wisely use on table.
  8. Alway close macbook & uncheck the reopen window option ( when you shutdown mac pop will show this option.)
  9. Don’t use heavy graphics softwares that is out of your mac configuration.
  10. Keep update mac as soon as new version available. - IMP
  11. Always clean mac so it will be save from dust that goes inside & create issues.
  12. Don’t use mac all day take some rest.
  13. Don’t open un secure websites & movie sites that don’t support or requires video splash.


if you follow above you will also save yourself from following problems that other macbook pro users also getting nowadays.

  1. Youtube video blink issues - one of the issue in macbook pro
  2. Battery issues - fast buttery drain
  3. Security issue - when open un secure sites
  4. Macbook start up issue - one of the issue in macbook pro
  5. unwanted keyboard light flickering issue - one of the issue in macbook
  6. Mac freez / hang - one of the issue in macbook
  7. Audio / Voice issue - one of the issue in macbook
  8. not responding issue while trying to interact with applications. such as login time, surfing google.

I am able to write all the above based on my 2 year experience using macbook pro 13 inch

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Apparently, there’s a screen replacement program for 2016 13” models:


Update 21/05/2019:

Apple eventually recognized the problem and launched a screen replacement program, so you can repair your laptop affected to #flexgate problem for free or get a refund for such repairs.

However, the program covers only 2016 13-inch models.


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This is not Flexgate though. Flexgate described by apple as

  • Display backlight continuously or intermittently shows vertical bright areas along the entire bottom of the screen
  • Display backlight stops working completely

In this issue we have one discriminative symptom:

  • Screen works only when lid is 30-50% opened. When fully opened it's either horizontal lines or stuck image.

It should be a ribbon cables retracting issue.

We had it on MBP 2019 - horizontal lines when lid opened >30%. Replaced the display and it went away completely! But guess what.. after 2 weeks it started to show up on the new display. That is frustrating. I can't replace displays on my Mac bi-monthly :(

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