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After a power failure, there were problems with important data.

I worked with the project in Corel 8, and when I tried to perform another operation, a problem arose. I can not handle it. Corel said that one of my files is corrupt and is not going to open it. I'm trying to open it through the version of the program. I have no idea what to do next, the file is very important. I just can not throw it away.

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There are many variants online corel draw file repair tool, but the most easiest are the following...

By guide

Corel makes a .BAK backup file that has the same name and is usually located in the same folder as the original file, but can also be located in the /Programs/Corel/Programs/Draw folder.

When a file is corrupted or otherwise damaged, find the .BAK file, open it, and copy it (save as) over the original corrupted file.

Or by articles, tips, etc...

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I know this is not probably going to help you now, but this is why having a backup of your files is so important. If the file is corrupt, it's unreadable and therefore there is probably nothing that can be done. However there is one thing to try. If you have system restore turned on, try to restore your Windows to an earlier date. Most of the time system restore does not restore data files. It usually only restores system files, but at this point it's worth a shot.

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