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The BLU Vivo 5 is an Android smartphone produced by BLU, an American consumer electronics company. The 5 was produced through a partnership between BLU and Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese technology company. The BLU Vivo 5 was released in February 2016.

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How to download apps from gogfgle , ect ect Not compatable error

trying to download the BIRD, ENJOY the RIDE app keeps saying ( not COMPATABLER )HELP

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Try clearing the Google Play Store cache, and then perhaps Google Play Store data.

Don't know your phone but try going to Settings > Apps (or Apps Manager) > swipe left to All > scroll down to find Google Play Store > tap to enter.

Tap on Clear Cache and follow the prompts.

Relaunch Google Play Store and try to download the app.

If still no good try clearing Google Play Store Data.

As above except tap on Clear Data and follow the prompts.

Try to download again.

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