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The Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G is a Android 2.3 device that runs on MetroPCS' 4G LTE network.

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Cracked screen cant unlock

I have a galaxy attain and the screen is cracked but can see perfectly fine but i cnt unlock my phone because of it...what do i do?

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Try connecting a USB mouse via a compatible OTG adapter cable -example only to navigate through the phone.

If you have to use a pin number to unlock the phone, try connecting a USB keyboard to enter the pin and then swap to the mouse to navigate. Be aware that for some reason not all USB keyboards will work this way.

If you have a pattern lock on the phone then neither method, mouse or keyboard, will work to unlock the phone. You'll need to get the digitizer (or LCD/digitizer) replaced before the phone can be accessed.

Once you have entry, go to the settings area to remove the lock settings of the phone to None to make access easier if the screen times out etc.

Also make a backup copy of all your data etc so that if something goes amiss with the repair to the digitizer at least you'll have saved your data.

Final point. Ensure that the phone's battery is fully charged before you start using the OTG cable as the mouse (and the keyboard) will be powered from the phone's battery therefore it will be discharged quicker than when it is just powering the phone.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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