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Released September 2016, the Vivo 5R represents the sixth generation of the Vivo series and an update to the Vivo 5.

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I need to purchase this subboard

i need to purchase this subboard... plz direct me in the correct direction! i need a li-polymer 3.85v /4.4vmax battery too ( cannot seem to locate it either ) it's s/n# is : n3150z0808 model: bl-n3150z... can you pleeeeease help me ?? ;}

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Hi @bbnano ,

Here's a link to a supplier of the board.

Here's a link to a supplier of the battery. It has the same specifications and model number as the one you quoted for a Vivo 5r, but you may wish to verify with the seller that it's compatible. There are other suppliers of the same battery online that may suit you better. Just search for BL-N3150z battery for results.

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you are some kind of amazing!!!!! thank you so so so much!!


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