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La famille des Macbook a été introduite pour la première fois en mai 2006, pour remplacer la gamme portable d'Apple, les iBook.

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Backlight shuts off after a few minutes of use,


I have a macbook 13-inch late 2007,

I have started having problems with the back light. after about 5 minutes(although sometimes it will stay on for much longer, not sure why.) of use the screen will go black, although I can still see what is on the screen if I hold it up to a light. If I close the lid and open it again it will turn back on for a moment then turn back off, It seems like the longer I let it sit the longer it will go without the light turning back off, I am not sure what I should do, I am planning on repairing it myself, I've had a lot of experience with pc and electronic repairs but this will be my first attempt at fixing a mac.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like it's the inverter or a bad connection to the inverter, this model, based on the picture should have an LCD screen and not the newer LED type?

Depends on how old it is/ which model etc. Check your model # see what type of display you have. This will also show you a guide for fixing it/ taking it apart. The inverter replacement on a macbook isn't all that easy, the guide does say have bluetooth, isight, wi fi etc all around the display. Take your time....... breaking something is quite easy....... best thing i can say..... number the screws in a paper cups is something i do sometimes for machines i have not worked on before....get couple of apple spudgers. not sure what tools you have, you might need some other stuff too.

You should be able to use a DMM to check the inverter see if it's working correctly before confirming that is the problem.

you might also tap "lightly" on the panel below the display where the inverter is, this "sometimes" can make a loose connection come back and off again and "help" confirm if a connection is the issue.

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+ agreed but I wanted to show the fast method


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I agree with Brain on the inverter or inverter cable. The iFixit guide is difficult. Here's the guide I wrote to cut the time by 2/3's. It may involve a slight alteration of the clutch cover but that's also held on with screws. MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD & Inverter A1181 (fast method) Replacement

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