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Le Galaxy S7 Edge est la variante avec écran incurvé du téléphone Samsung phare de l'année 2016, le Galaxy 7. Annoncé en février 2016 et mis sur le marché le 11 mars. Modèle SM-G935.

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Diagram for samsung galaxy s7 edge (G935F)


Can someone help me with a clickable diagram/schematic for the galaxy s7 edge? Is this model available in ZXW? I am looking for a short on the board.


Update (06/14/2018)

@tres4 Tnx for the schematic. But i need to now how to find the short. I have attached image where you can see what components that shorted. But i need to know what other components are on that line.

Block Image

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You have power problem on the phone?

You need to measure the components.

L 7010 > 0.8V

L7002 > 0.8V

If any of these are off you need to change PMIC U7000


I already removed PMIC U7000. Still a short.


Have you measured L7010 and L7002 ?


mine is shorted on C7099 and still shorted when removed. does anybody know where's the line go?


shorted on C7099 me too . what is the solution ??


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yes its on zxw other than that it will be hard to find

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Hi Daniel, Tnx for your answer. I have ordered a zxw dongle. Is there a possibility you can help me with a screen shot of the board? The dongle is here in about 2 weeks but i need to fix this earlier.


I downloaded phoneboard from it has the clickable board but no schematics. My zxw subscription ended last month an I'm still in 2 minds about subcribing again


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Block Image

see this C7099 both ground cap

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hi Akila, thanks for share this photo!

I have some skills with electronic and im trying to fix my own g935f.

I have ground on L7002, L7003, L7005, L7010, L7013 and L7012.

i decided to remove u7000 but still having ground ...

can you help me posting a photo of this pads?

I hope your help!!Thanks in advance!!


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