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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Replacing dead high voltage cap with similar of lower capacitance.


The high voltage capacitor for my microwave oven has shorted. It is a 2100v, 86mfd capacitor.

I have a "spare" that is very similar: 2100v .76 mfd (so .76 instead of .86 mfd. Can I use it?


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Without knowing more, I'd say not to use it. That particular rating may be required for the proper operation of the magnetron (the thing that generates the microwaves). GE should be able to get you the right part.

Best of luck.

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I had been hoping for an informed reply. It turns out, as I learned since I posted the question, that the high voltage capacitor is part o fhe voltage doubling circuit between the high voltage transformer and the magnetron. If the capacitance is a bit low, it reduces the final voltage - it does not quite "double" - to the magnetron, which results in a small reduction in the power the magnetron delivers, but with zero risk to the circuitry.


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