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Tablette de 0,622 kg avec un écran de 10,8 pouces et une béquille à 3 positions, mise sur le marché par Microsoft le 5 mai 2015.

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I broke the display and need to replace it.

I have a Microsoft Surface Model 1645.

I broke the display and need to replace it.

What is the proper display and do you offer one?

If so, what is your part no. and what is the cost?

The old one has a part no. LTL 108CL01-001.

I'm confused, is this a 10.8 or 12 inch display? It measures 12 inches diagonally, however all the literature says its 10.8 inches.

The part no. on it suggests it's 10.8 inches.

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Hi @xxjimxx ,

Are you measuring the diagonal length of just the screen area itself or the total diagonal length of the tablet?

According to the specs for a Microsoft Surface 3 (1645) its’ total dimensions are 10.52" x 7.36" which gives an overall diagonal length of 12.8"

I agree, searching online seems to indicate some confusion by suppliers between a Surface 3 and a Surface Pro 3 (1631) which does have a larger screen and also a different native resolution.

If the model number is 1645 I’d go with the 10.8” screen as that is what the specifications state.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Microsoft Surface 3 Display Replacement guide, which may be of some help.

Ifixit does carry some parts for Surface 3 tablets.

Surface 3 Screen

Image Surface 3 Screen


Surface 3 Screen


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