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The fourth version of Sony's famous Walkman cassette player, the WM-4 was introduced in 1983.

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The stop button is missing, music has a warble sound, help?

I have a WM-4 Walkman, it doesn’t have the stop button, it needed a new belt, which I was able to replace with another portable player that I had laying around, it turns on and everything works, but when I play a tape the music sounds distorted and warbles, what can be done? and where can I get a new stop button? can it be 3d print?

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Perhaps the replacement belt was of the wrong diameter or thickness.

Here’s a link that describes the specifications for the 2 drive belts used in a Sony Walkman WM-4

Here’s a link to just one supplier of the belts. It is only shown to give you an idea of the cost of the replacement belts. There are other suppliers online that may suit you better.

As for the Stop button, check on places like Ebay etc for a faulty Walkman WM-4 that you can salvage the button from. You may be lucky that someone is trying to sell a faulty unit at a price that suits you

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Ultimate iFixit Blast from the past, i commend you for not throwing this out.

when i was little i had a few walkmans in the early 90’s, and i’ll tell you all the things i did to make them work again.

Ok you replaced the belt, is there a way you can ensure it has a good amount of tension? Not too much though.

Then i would suggest making sure it’s getting the right amount of power, try different batteries. That was the problem 90% of the time.

It doesn’t sound like a tape read head issue, but a good cleaning will eliminate that.

with the age of this device, there is a possibility it is the motor, a drop of some good gun oil will free it if it’s guming up. Or you may look into finding a replacement small motor, albeit more involved.

Finally, the button can for sure be printed! This is a perfect project for a 3d printer.

you will need to do some measurements, and profile-it a bit, and likely prototype the suitable friction fit slot inside (assuming its like the ones i had, with a metal spigot - which you’re using now) - THEN Paint to match!

Please keep us updated on the fate of this little gem :)

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Shoott i don’t know thats tuff. I would have to just create something to at least hit the latch in order to stop the music. But the warble sound is most likely the speed of the player. You need to ajust the speed. By the battery comparment you’ll see a brown motherboard and next to the battery component. There is a sliver weird thing standing up. U turn that to ajust the speed . I hopeeeee that helps it' was tuff explaining.

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