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iPhone 4 pouces commercialisé depuis mars 2016 avec une configuration de matériel similaire à l'iPhone 6s. Disponible en Argent, Gris sidéral, Or ou Or Rose, avec 16 ou 64 Gb de stockage. Modèles A1662 et A1723.

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iPhone not powering on, but board is taking power

What happened- I plugged in an iphone 5C screen and tried powering it on. There were sparks and it got very hot

I have recently tried using a new screen, dock connector and battery but no luck :(

The phone is not showing up in itunes, but the board does get slightly warmer when i try and power it on with the new battery etc

Does anyone have any idea what the fault could be? :)

Thank you! A very clumsy hobbyster

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Possibly a motherboard issue? Have you tried another battery just in case the battery is whats causing it to get very hot?

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