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Guides pour la version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Mini 2. Annoncé le 22 octobre et lancé le 12 novembre 2013. L'iPad mini 2, également connu sous le nom de mini iPad avec écran Retina, a tous les pixels de l'iPad Air dans un plus petit 7.9 " format.

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IPad screen turns on after reset, but not after screen sleep

I just recently replaced the iPad LCD on my iPad Mini 2 and got it working thanks to another person on here. After the repair everything seemed to be going pretty well, up until the point that I pushed the button on the top of the iPad to turn the screen off. I went to turn the screen back on and only the back light was responding. If I wanted to see the screen I would have to soft reset, seven seconds of power + home button pressing, before there would be any information of the screen.

So far the steps that I have taken are:

  • Several soft resets
  • Resetting all of the settings
  • Opening the iPad back up to make sure all of the connections were solid

(nothing changed so I can assume this was true)

Currently the iPad is getting backed up, then it will start a factory reset and I am hoping that this will solve the issue, however if it doesn’t I would like to have a backup plan prepared!

Thank you all in advance!

Edit: Finished factory reset this morning still no change.

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You are on the right track. Hopefully the factory reset will do the trick!


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Does holding the power button while the iPad is powered on show a slide to power off screen?

I had this issue before where trying to get the iPad to display would only show backlight but no image, I fixed that before on an iPad 2 by triple clicking the home button. It seemed that assistive touch was causing a bug where screen would only display black.

Other things to rule out if you have spare replacement parts is trying another replacement digitizer and having the home button unplugged and see if the issue still persists.

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I have the same problem after replacing new digitiser and LCD. From boot up LCD works fine but if I turn it off from the power button, it will not display the LCD, just the back light. Could it be a random faulty LCD, I doubt it as it was new and it does work from a re-boot. Did you manage to get to the bottom of this Jonathon?

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I’m having this issue. Were you guys able to fix this?

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