Rear Wiper Being Controlled by Rear Defrost

I just bought a 2004 Ford Focus to drive back and forth from work and it’s need a few minor repairs. I was able to fix the seat belt re-tractor and the front wipers not parking in the proper spot. The one issue I haven’t been able to find a solution to is why the read wiper is controlled by the rear defrost instead of the rear wiper control. Any suggestions?

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Does the rear defrost still work when you operate the rear defrost control?

What happens when you operate the rear wiper (besides the rear wiper not operating)?

Does the rear defrost start working by any chance?


I'm not sure, it hasn't been cold enough to test the defrost. Any idea of another way to test the defrost? I'm not much of a car guy...



Have you got a DMM (Digital Multimeter)?

I don't know how it is in your particular vehicle but on some "older' vehicles (apologies) the rear defrost heater wires in the glass had connection points at either end of the rear window.

Disconnect the wires connecting to the heater wires (be careful, pull them off slowly you don't want to break anything) and then use the voltmeter function to measure between the two connectors which are now hanging free.

First with the heater switch off and then on to see if a voltage reading appears when it is on.

You'll probably have to turn the ignition key to On or have the motor running when you test as the rear defrost probably doesn't normally work unless the key is turned.


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