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All in one inkjet printer by HP for personal and office use. Repair guides and detailed information can be found here.

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"Use Set up cartridges"

After a reset there is the following message. "Use Setup cartridges" I no longer have them, the printer is several years old. Please advise. Thank you

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I recieved this answer for a HP envy 6222:

Please use the steps below to perform and OOBE reset:

1.) Turn off the printer

2.) Turn on the printer

3.) Once the printer is turned on touch the TL, BL, TL, TL  Buttons in sequence on your printer control panel to access Service Menu, check the image below the BL key is indicated as 2. and TL is indicated as option 4 (Note: the key may not be highlighted but will respond to the touch commands)

4.) Touch Reset Menu.

5.) Press Right arrow for Trade at OOBE and Touch OK.

6.) Select Enable and touch OK or change it to "trade" if no trade is displayed.

7.) Restart the printer.

Update (06/11/2019)

and then another HP agent told me:

1)    On the control panel, touch the Home and Back buttons in this sequence:

a)    Home button once

b)    Back button twice

c)    Home button once

2)    Open the ink cartridge access door, and then close it. A Load Paper message displays on the control panel display, and the printer begins initializing.

3)    If the initialization does not begin, repeat steps a and b until the initialization begins.

4)    Follow the prompts on the control panel display to complete initialization.

must be model specific

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it works! envy 7130


Thank you, it worked!


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Hi Odet,

Try the instructions listed in this Youtube video. Good luck!

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There was no change. Still says use setup cartridges.


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Here’s what helped me

hope it helps you and many more!

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