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A mini home-theater projector released in 2016 by DBPower Electronics.

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Does anyone have the remote control and a way to share its IR codes?

I, and many others no doubt, would be extremely grateful if someone would provide the remote control IR codes here. I’ve been getting the runaround now for over a week trying to get a replacement remote…..

Would/could anyone provide the protocol/device/subdevice/function codes from a program like IrScrutinizer or the IR signals themselves in any format (raw, pronto hex etc.)?

The other question thread looking for a replacement remote was suggested to try the one generic “projector” universal remote out there even though it is overpriced and their documentation does not list that they support the DBPower brand devices. Another website suggested that the LG projector codes were the same as the DBPower codes, but I have tried all the LG Projector IR code sets I can find to no avail.

Any and all help greatly appreciated!

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Drum roll please….. (If the detail below is confusing, learn about and use IrScrutinizer!)

The answer is

protocol: NEC1

device: 2

subdevice: N/A (selecting 0, -1, or blank/null will generate the same codes)









vol up,NEC1,2,-1,17

vol down,NEC1,2,-1,21

power on off toggle,NEC1,2,-1,29



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Hola ya encontte su controlnremoto es de favi entertaiment ... Lo busque con la apo de sure universal control


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Here’s a link that has codes for DBPower video projectors and it also promotes an app so that you can use your phone (as long as it has IR blaster capability) as a remote.

Hopefully the LG codes that you tried were different to what is listed for LG projectors in the link as they are the same codes as listed for the DBPower projectors

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Thanks for your help!

"Another website suggested ..." - You found the website I mentioned!

Do you have any reason to suspect that that site is accurate? It seems to have just copy pasted the LG section (to satisfy google searches) from

These codes appear to be for old UEI remotes (I thought they were discontinued, but it turns out are still being made).

My phone does not have an IR port, do you know what protocol/device/subdevice/function is associated with those 4 LG codes? I have tried the two major LG projector code sets, protocol NEC1, device 4, subdevice -1 and NEC1, device 4, subdevice 15... no dice.



I have no idea as to the accuracy of the information on the site in the link I posted.

Perhaps you could contact them via the link found at the bottom of the page and ask them about the code(s) for your particular DBPower device considering that the ones they supply didn't work.

It never hurts to ask ;-)

You're way ahead of me regarding protocols etc. I was only aware that RC5 was just one protocol that was used by some remotes and nothing beyond that.


Es de favi enternaiment ... Lo buque con la app de sure universal control


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In case you are looking for working universal codes for your remote, here is the complete list.

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