G920/29 Wheel no longer detected by Device Manager

I have the above wheel.

It is 2.5years old. Logitech want nothing to do with it, as it has exceeded warranty by 6 months. I spent $400 on this and need it to work.

On plugging it into my(any) PC, it is no longer detected by Hardware Device Manager. It is not being detected at all. The Wheel no longer does it post-connection calibration.

I’ve ordered another Power Supply and Data cable for it, but fear that won’t fix the problem.

I’ve measured 23.5V power at the mainboard. And ran a brand new temporary USB data line, to no avail.

The LED on the front of the wheel, lights up & slowly flashes only when the USB line is connected. The wheel appears click and rotate 1 degree every 10 secs., but that is as far as it goes.

There is no apparent damage to the wheel as it was permanently mounted on my racing chair.

Please help.

Can anyone suggest an electrician in Western Australia that may be able to fix it, should you not be able to help with online repairs.


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New power supply arrived and as i feared, didn't rectify the issue.

Ive been trying to source a new mainboard, to no avail.

Trying to determine if the g920 could have the same Encoder wheel as its predecessors in the G25 & G27.

Going to try testing the diodes and capacitors on the weekend.

Any advice would be appreciated,.



If those diodes didn't work maybe try double checking that you have plugged the cables in the correct way on the main board. I know it sounds really bland but if you have put it in the incorrect way then it may have blown a component on the board and damaged it. Unfortunately boards are difficult to get hold of and when they are available they are expensive.

If this is still a problem for you 2.5 years later drop me a DM on insta @krisiejamie


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