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The LG Volt, manufactured by LG, is a the first in its generation of smartphones. This phone is primarily carried by Boost Mobile and Sprint. This guide is for the LS740P model of this device.

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Phone died, unable to charge or turn it on, what can I do?

I had this phone for 3 years and it worked well, but towards the end the battery wasn't charging like before. One day the phone just stopped responding and shut off for good. I thought the battery might've just died, so I tried to charge it but no luck, just says 0% on the charging screen when the phone is turned off. I ordered another battery from Amazon and installed it. Same problem, won't charge at all even if I use a new charging cable. Nothing looks like it's internally damaged, but I haven't checked under a micro scope or taken the phone apart other than a battery replacement. I would like to get this phone working again so I can sell my new one. Is there an easy and simple fix for this ? Thanks for any info or helpful advice.

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New battery is not working ,new charging cable also not working. I suggest to clean battery connector point on your mobile pcb and also check if soldering is dry, then re solder it. Before troubleshooting you ordered new battery that is not good decision.

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