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Adaptateur secteur de 2e génération pour les produits MacBook, dont la première version date de 2012. Non-compatible avec les systèmes de la génération précédente. Disponible en versions 45W, 60W et 85W.

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Why is this MagSafe2 cable turning yellow?

A teacher from my high school came to me with her MagSafe2 charger for her MacBook Air and asked me why it is yellowing. Is this dangerous to the point where I should give her a new one or is it just grime/dirt. If it is grime/dirt how would I go about cleaning it?

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I’d tell her to replace it because there is clearly several nicks in the insulation/cover on that wire… perhaps the wiring underneath is damaged from being coiled up or cut or whatever..

other than that the yellowing could be aging from sunlight exposure ie that’s the part that sits on the desktop and sees most light (the rest dangles down to power point)

or it’s heat from electric supply that is degrading the colour of the white insulation.

Either way it is better to be safe than sorry

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@pollytintop Thanks for the information! I will advise this particular teacher to ask for a new cable.


@pollytintop - Dirty hands ;-]


This happened to a few of my Mac cables. I’m pretty sure they are from overheating. Apple recommended to not use your computer while it’s charging and that should fix the issue on your new cable.


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I’m not sure about sunlight causing these. I never used charger outdoor. I have a 13” and 15” mbp, magsafe-3 oem and 2 3rd party (lot cheaper-could be refurb? Got one from WM for $15). So far, only the OEM parts are the ones that are browning. I will go with apple explanation and I use the OEM’s as spares. One of the 3rd party seller quit working after about 8 months. It’s under warranty, so they replaced it.

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