93 Firebird auto 1-2 slipping, high revs.

Hi I have a 1993 Firebird Trans am. My transmission started slipping Going into 2nd. It can barely get to 2 but after it shifts into 2nd gear every other gear shifts fine and the rpms are stable. Reverse is fine and neutral, 1st manual, 2nd manual, and 3rd manual. When trying to get into second gear, I get 3-4 thousand rpms and then it may or my not shift into 2nd gear. Sometimes if it gets up to those highly of rpms it won’t let me accelerate until I get into first again and the rpms drop to 1000. Before this happened it shifted to second at 2300 rpms. Started about 3 weeks ago and happened just all of a sudden. Changed my trans fluid, the gasket, on it, put correct amount of fluid in/ type, changed all of the fluids except power steering about 3 months ago. I adjusted the tv cable to where it wants to be, thinking it might not be correct, no result. 73k miles on the trans, 4 speed, not driven hard ever, and haven’t driven it in 3 weeks since then, thinking it may be the governer sticking or going bad- if so need instructions on how to do so. Tried putting Lucas trans fix in, no result. Any thoughts? Need detailed instructions. Has a 4l60 transmission. Didn’t see a thread on a 4l60 trans so I posted it here since they are related closely except having almost no computers in it. Thankyou!

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