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Released July 24, 2014, Amazon's Fire Phone is Amazon's first smartphone, designed to compete with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

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Why my fire phone is making a weird noise when I touch the screen?

My fire phone start doing a weird sound, like clicking. The sound started after I changed its original battery for a new one. I charged the new battery and turn on the phone and when I started touching the screen like to write a message, a weird sound started and dissapeared when I stopped writing the message ;also the phone started getting hot. After that I removed the battery and I'm not using the phone.

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I don't know what's wrong with my phone but I don't know if it's coming from Robert Bob Doyle or Chris Christie Green that's got on the back side of my phone and done something to my phone please let me know


Okay so is it is it's not coming from Robert Bob Doyle


It's not coming from Robert Bob Doyle


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Hi @vanelly ,

Not sure if this setting is in your phone but go to Apps > Settings > Sounds and Notifications and see if there is a setting called Touch feedback.

If there is disable it and check if the “clicking” sound has stopped when you tap the screen.

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Thank you very much!


Thanks so much that solved it


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