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Processeur 1.86GHz ou 2.13 GHz, Flash Storage 128GB ou 256 GB

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Can I connect my flash storage to new MacBook air


I have a mac book 2010 edition, sadly it is dead. an error with a glass of wine.

how would I go about getting the old info transferred onto the new machine.

The guy in the apple store thought I might have some luck with some kind of cable as apparently the memory wasn't hit by the spill.

I guess getting the physical storage from the old machine and in some way plugging it into the new machine.

Thanks for your help

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Use an external enclosure like the OWC Envoy. Insert your stick and just plug it into a USB port on another Mac:

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Hey there!

We had a similar accident at our office with a MBA Revision D only a few months old. The MBA was dead but the SSD seemed undamaged. We ordered a new MBA with the same configuration and i just opened it up and exchanged the SSDs. New one with the old SSD inside booted without issues, OSX running perfectly and all data saved. I now have a spare 256 GB SSD but oh well.

Mind you this goes for the Revision D Model, so far there is no known Adapter or Interface to get the data from Revision D SSDs over USB/SATA or something like that. The SSD looks more like an old school SD RAM Block and seems to be another interface overhaul by Apple. Even the guys at the Apple Store had no possible way to interface with it except slapping it into another MBA.

Pretty stupid from Apples Side if you ask me since you are really screwed if you have no second MBA or some sort of Magician. Regular Backups are your friend. I still have hope that Delock or some other company will release some kind of Adapter to plug it into other computers.


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