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Guides and repair information for VTech landline phones.

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My phones say no home line. Phone company says no outages

tried unplugging all phones and replugging no luck

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How to wire phone jack?


im an idiot..accidentally turned off the phone so it cant dial out but u can dial IN. how do i fix this pls? its att


Hi @firegoddessoasis,

What is the model number of the phone?

par idea..its a land line....dont know where to find it...its sitting in the case atm just says no line..plugged in etc....i use the phone but someone else pays for it. i dont know how u can turn it off or on...its all plugged in just cant dial OUT..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



Is it a portable phone?

Look on the bottom of the phone for any info printed there.

What do you get when you pick up the phone? A dial tone or nothing at all?

can you plug another corded phone into the phone line and check if you can call out using it?


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What is the model number of your phone?

Is the phone service a standard phone service or a VOIP (internet phone) phone service?

If a VOIP service check the phone line status in the internet modem’s user interface.

If a standard phone service what indication do you get when you call your number from another phone e.g. a mobile phone or a neighbour’s phone?

Do you get a busy signal or a ringtone signal?

If you get a busy signal:

Unplug all the equipment (devices) from all the phone line sockets in the premises and try again.

If you still get a busy signal then you have a line fault (has it been raining?) or a problem in the local exchange. Contact your phone service provider and tell them of the problem and what you've done to prove that it is not in the premises.

If you now get a ringtone signal. there is a problem with the equipment in the premises.

If you get a ringtone signal:

Locate the phone socket that the telephone cable coming into the premises is connected to.

Depending on the type of socket, if you can, remove the cover and then call your number from another phone and when it is giving a ringtone signal, place a short circuit (a pair of scissors preferably with plastic handles or a screwdriver should do, - ringing current “bites”) between the two telephone cable wires connection terminals in the socket and check if the ringtone signal stops in the calling phone.

If the ringtone signal doesn’t stop but continues then it proves that your phone service connection is not reaching the premises and that you have a line fault or a fault in the local exchange. Again contact your phone service provider.

If the ringtone signal stops as soon as you place the short circuit across the wires then it proves that the number is reaching that socket and the problem is in the premises.

If you have a cordless phone, then the problem may be in the cable to the base station or in the base station itself.

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How do I get my phone to set up voice mail? When I get a caller that caller cannot leave a message


Hi @Sandra Bonner

What is the model number of the phone?

Just confirming that you want Voicemail and not the Answer Message feature that is with the phone (if it has that feature)?

If it is Voicemail that needs to be setup on your landline phone service. Go to your service provider's website and search for how to set up Voicemail on your phone service.


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Having just spoken to a phone technician about this yesterday…big companies don’t always report faults, our TelCo burned a card at the local exchange, cutting off 200 homes. They denied any problem… If you have tried disconnecting and reconnecting, fully charging phones, checking internet is working (if yours is through the same provider) and you have neither, you may like to check you’ve paid the bills. Otherwise it’s a fault they are in denial of.

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Phone light on modem blinking


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Hi @ Linda Smiley,

Does the modem’s phone light stop blinking if you unplug the phone cable from the modem?

If you haven’t already done so try a power reset on the modem, i.e. turn off the power to the modem, wait a minute or so and then power it back on again and check if the phone works.

It may take a little while for the modem to re-initialize and the internet service to be restored after the power is restored and it may take even longer after this for the phone to be “reconnected” so be patient and don’t try and force it to restore more quickly.

What is the make and model number of the modem?

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Tried all of that still not working. I

tried a different phone to see if that Going to replace long cord going into the phone. Then the jack.



What happens when you call the phone number from another phone?

What signal indication do you get in the calling phone, ringtone, busy tone, recorded announcement?

If you get ringtone,check the modem's phone settings. If you get busy tone or recorded announcement, again check the modem's phone settings or contact your isp about the problem.

You may have to reset the modem and re-enter all the setup details provided by your isp for both the internet and the phone.

If you provide the make and model number of the modem I can help further although you would need to have the necessary isp setup information


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