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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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Shut down while driving

The car shuttered and shut down on my way home last night now I have a no crank no start issue not sure where to start with this issue

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If the car can’t crank, I would check the battery voltage. If the battery is dead your car would shut off. With the car off you should have 12 volts.

If you have less then 12 volts there are two reasons why this could happen. 1 the battery needs to be replaced. 2 The alternator is not generating power while your car is on. You can check this by charging your battery to full capacity. After the car is running you should have 13 volts or more if the battery is fully charged when running.

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Well my problem is its a ford focus but no i was driving and it just randomly shut off and wouldn't start there wasn't even a crank from the starter I'm thinking that's what the problem is because the battery still has juice in it the lights and radio and everything still worked but the car just shut down and wouldn't start I'm just trying to find out some answers not really a Ford vehicle but it's a vehicle and it was cheap

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I'm having the same problem with my focus exactly the same thing just happened to me and idk where to even start.


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