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Shorted VBAT line (PP BATT VCC)

Hello, im working on an iphone 6s water damaged that has the VBAT (PP BATT VCC) line taking 90mA when checked with power supply( phone turned off).

What can cause this such a small short?

I already cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol.

Thank you guys!

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Are you sure it's vbat and not vcc main


I have checked it with the power supply on the battery connector,so it is the battery connector line.


Because you have dc connected to the battery connector doesn't mean it's short on the connector line. Set your current to 2 amps then feel for heat obviously u will feel heat around the Tristar area but that is normal


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What makes you think it’s short…even a phone that is powered off still draws some current for the “always on” part of the circuit and potentially to charge the battery.

The proper way to test for shorts is to measure with a multimeter with the battery disconnected. Check the BATT_VCC, VCC_MAIN and PP5V0_USB lines to see if they are shorted. You can use Ohms mode or check with the DMM in Diode mode. If those lines are good, then start checking the PMIC outputs. Only when you’re satisfied the phone has no major shorts do you put power on it, otherwise you can damage the board further.

Report back with your findings and we can give you more guidance.

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Over night it takes 60-70% of the battery(new and good battery), screen off, thats why i am thinking it must be a short somewhere that is discarching the battery, when the phone is turned on with screen on it takes around 400-500 mA, with screen off it is taking 250-350 mA.

My other iphone wich is an iphone 6, takes with the screen off somewhere like 300 mA and then drops down to 0( phone ON and screen OFF, of course)

So for the 6s i dont think it is normal to take 300 mA when phone on with screen OFF, and not dropping down like the iphone 6.

I will check BATT_VCC with the multimeter, then report back.


Update: I checked everything on BAT_VCC with Diode Mode and everything seems to be accordingly to the schematics, i also put some power on VCC_MAIN and it is the same thing, taking 90mA. I cant feel any heat.



Try disconnecting the cameras and sensors to see if that makes the battery last longer. It's not uncommon for some of these peripherals to cause high current draw.

Also, think back to anything else that has happened to the phone recently, repairs, drops, water etc. That might give you a clue.


Update: The board was tooked out of the case(when i checked BAT_VCC) and the peripherals are all good, i also found 2 lines on the motherboard wich are full shorted to ground. The short is generating heat but im having a hard time finding where it comes from.


Which lines are shorted?


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I have the same issue, only that my iPhone 6S is taking 0.02A before prompt to boot. The phone is working fine, the only problem is that it discharges the battery overnight, even when the phone is off. The battery is new.

I checked all capacitors on that line and none of them is shorted. In diode mode, all capacitor readings are around 0.910V. I replaced the Tigris and MOSFET from the donor board (I tested the board before taking these 2 IC’s so it’s a known good donor board) but there is still 0.02A draw on PP_BAT_VCC line.

Any ideas?

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