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Repair guides and support for BLU Advance 5.0, a budget-friendly smartphone released December 2015 from BLU.

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Phone will not charge

My BLU Advanced 5.2 will not charge, I noticed this when I left it to charge at 44% and came back an hour later seeing it at 30%, The phone is dead now and I can't get into recovery mode because there is no battery power left. When I try, the recovery mode screen pops up for 1 second then the phone turns off again. I googled some ways to fix this and one of the ways was to take out the battery and put it back in, sadly my battery is unremovable. I know the problem isn't my charger because I tested it on my brother's phone and the charger works fine. I know it's not the wall outlet either because if that was the case my computer wouldn't be charging and I tried all the wall outlets in the house, and I get the same issue. Any solutions to this would be highly appreciated, Thank you. (specs for this phone found below)


Blu Advanced 5.2 specs:

Screen: 5.2 inches Pixels: 480 x 854 Notch: No Storage: 8 GB Ram: 1 GB CPU: MediaTek MT6737, Quad-Core, 1.1 GHz Weight: 5.64 ounces Dual-Sim: Yes SD-Card: Up to 64 GB Rear Camera: 5 MP Front Camera: 5 MP Battery: 2600 mah Removable Battery: No Fingerprint Sensor: No OS: Android

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Thank you ;)


Does anyone know if these tips would work on a BLU 5.0 Max? I have the same problem I think. By the way, there is no way in heck you could get the back of this phone off the take a look unless you’re professional, as it has no screw holes or anything. Also, the phone in question is about six years old and stopped working five years ago.


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Possible causes

  • The charging port is broken, your phone cannot charge without a working charge port, obviously. A motherboard replacement is necessary to replace the charging port because the port is soldered to the board.
  • You have a failing or dead battery.

You may want to consider changing the battery first as it would be the easiest and least expensive (presumably) repair.

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Thank you, I knew there was something wrong with the battery. But removing it is not an easy task. I'll replace the charging port first and if that's not the case I'll have to find someone that can replace the battery without damaging the phone.


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Hi @blackboss

Please verify which model that you're asking about as there is a BLU Studio Max 5.0 and a BLU Life Max 5.0. plus some others I haven’t listed

After 5 years of non use, regardless of anything else the battery will have to be replaced as it will have become depleted beyond recovery.

Also depending on how and where the phone was stored there may be other internal damage to it.

Once the model is known search on YouTube or even here on ifixit for your model teardown to hopefully find guides or videos that show how to open the phone so that it can be inspected and tested and any components be replaced if necessary. The ”standard” version phone with the same name may be similar to the “max” version only that the screen will be smaller so if you can’t find anything on the Max try using the same standard phone name guide if you find it.

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