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Lexus debuted the third-generation Lexus RX in 19 November 2008.

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Bluetooth Audio option not available on RX 2010 model

I’m wondering how come the RX350 2010 model doesn’t have the option to share audio on the car’s speakers over the bluetooth, while bluetooth calls are available and working perfectly!

Is there a way where I can activate or add this option to the same model?

I would appreciate if anyone can support or help me do this.



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A lot of the old cars never got it (or got a neutered version that is only handsfree compatible) due to the cost to add Bluetooth streaming at the time. It only really became somewhat prevalent in 2011-12, or possibly earlier in some cases. This was also before everyone used their phone as a MP3 player unless you had an iPhone so it wasn't a good ROI at the time.

It also took a few more years then it did on the luxury cars to get it on many economy cars.

The cheapest way to add it is to use one of these.

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Only 2010 RX with premium multimedia (Mark Levinson with color screen) are able to play BlueTooth stream.

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I have 2010 rx 350 with mark levinson premium surround and i still only have phone call audio. There is no settings in the navigation system to make it phone audio.


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