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L'OP-1 est un outil de traitement de musique, intégrant synthétiseur, échantillonneur, enregistreur multipiste, boîte à rythme, mélangeur et contrôleur

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Why is the sound distorted on OP-1?

i dropped my op-1 once and after that all the sounds on it are distorted and buzzing. How can i fix this?

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I’m no expert, but i dropped mine as well a couple days ago and the headphone input jack on the connector got ripped off the connector board and out of the back of the unit. I soldered it back on and it worked fine but then I got no sound from my speaker, or only extremely distorted sound whenever i would plug my headphones halfway in and hold just at the right spot, distorted sound out of the speaker that is. I decided to just buy a new connector board and I’m pretty positive its going to take care of the problem. From reading a bunch of forums and talking to a couple people it sounds like the connector board is a really common area to break down, this is probably part of the reason they’ve made it so accessible and easy to repair, no soldering required just pop the new one in

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