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Blue tint on my 65 inch Visio smart TV D650i-b2

I have a visio D650i-B2 I have a slight blue tint where it should be crisp white I was told if I buy a better HDMI cable that this would help get the tint out ?also can I change the percentage on the colors to drown the blue tint out where it's supposed to be crisp white

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I had the super blue tint. In settings, I changed from Vivid color temperature to Normal Color Temperature . That fixed the problem. I could tell from the Visio logo screen upon power on, All of the screen around the logo is now black. Before it was half blue.


Wow can't believe I've tried everything and that worked !! Thank you Cindy x


I was having the same problem and had tried everything but that and it worked!!! Thank you!!!


On the right side of the TV it is very dark how can I fix that


@johnchambers70 sorry to say but I think you'll need a new backlight. If you search it up on YouTube, you should find instructions and where to buy the new backlight. There is no way to fix it without a new backlight


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Hi ,

Is the blue tint only in one section of the screen or generally all over when white is on display?

Here’s an image taken from p.25 of the user manual for your TV, showing how to adjust the colours.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing).

As HDMI uses digital signals which should all be equally affected I don’t know if upgrading the HDMI cable will improve the colours on the TV or not, so I suggest that you try the adjustments first to see if you can achieve the colour that you want.

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It's generally light blue tint all over and so your saying try these setpoints on my color and look for change?as of now my color settings are all set to 0




Really not sure which to try first blue Hue or Saturation but perhaps they may need to go into the negative.

You may have to experiment a bit until you get the way it works in your TV.

usually when red, green and blue are all the same you get white but if the components in the colour tuner section are of a slightly different tolerance to what they should be then fine adjustments have to be made.

You can also try increasing/decreasing the other two , red and green until you strike the balance that you like. Just don't do it in too large a step.

Write down the original settings before you start. that way you can always go back in case you get it wrong and can't get it back to what it was because you forgot the settings

It may take a while ;-)


Well as of now they are all at 0 for my settings so it's safe to go with the settings you provided in the picture and adjust from there?



The image was taken directly from the user manual so I have no idea if the settings shown in the image are just an example or not.

I suggest that you lower the blue Hue or Saturation first down to say -5 and see what effect it has.

As I said you may have to alter them all fractionally to get the desired result


So I had to go into the menu, Picture, Color Callibration, & Color Tuner. My new settings were as follows:

Hue: No Changes 0 on all colors.

Saturation: Red 10, Green 10, Blue 10, Cyan 10, Magenta 0, & Yellow 10.

Brightness: Red 10, Green 10, Blue 10, Cyan 10, Magenta 0, & Yellow 15.

Offset: Red 10, Green -15, & Blue -50.

Gain: No changes 0 on all colors.

I then went back to Menu, Picture, and creative a “Custom” setting as follows:

Backlit 70

Brightness 46

Contrast 50

Color 70

Tint -1

Sharpness 35

I don’t know if this is really perfect, but I played with these settings for 2 days and I feel if this isn’t exact, it’s really close. The blue tint seems to be gone, and I’m really enjoying my picture. I hope this helps some of you too.


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So, I've done all setting recommended and been messing with this for a while. I'm still having a few problems with getting a crisp orange and separation of purple and pink…maybe someone can help with that. This is set from 1080 files off a laptop through HDMI and comparing to my laptop picture which was way better and accurate. My settings on the TV are way better than before. These are my current complete settings:

Auto brightness: off

Backlight: 90

Brightness: 50

Contrast: 80

Tint: 8

Sharpness: 10

Under More Picture:

Color Temp. - Normal

Black Detail - Medium

Active Full Array - On

Clear Action - Off

Reduce Noise - Signal: High, Block: High

Game Low Latency - Off

Film Mode - On

Color Space - Auto

Gamma: 2.0

Color Tuner:

Hue: 4, 6, 2, 2, 3, 2

Saturation: 18, 6, -15, -10, -6, 10

Brightness: 15, 10, 5, 0, 12, 15

Offset: -18, -15, -80

Gain: 0, 0, 0

11 Point White Balance:

5: -5, -1, -5

10: -2, -1, -2

20: 1, 0, -3

30: 19, 23, 17

40: 11, 14, 10

50: 9, 13, 8

60: 7, 14, 6

70: 5, 13, 3

80: -3, -8, -4

90: -3, -3, -11

100: -1, 0, -3

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I don’t understand all the numbers directly below your 11 point wh balance. I never saw any 5: 10: 20: etc? I only show one row of numbers in the 11 point chart. Gain red green blue. Under them is only one space for each. I went with your “5:” line across 5% -5. -1. -5 so not sure what I’m missing??? Help?


As John Strebe stated "I only show one row of numbers in the 11 point chart" I have the same condition. I believe this is a model and/or firmware difference between ours and yours. However, I followed all of your suggested settings in the areas that I could match up and have a great picture! I did adjust the offset slightly different which had better results on my picture. {YOURS} Offset: -18, -15, -80 {MINE} Offset: -56, -37, -13

So as you can see, it appears that the further along the LED separation is, the further the numbers have to be adjusted towards the negative. Thank you for all your hard work! I finally have a beautiful picture!!!


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the blue tint is caused from failing leds in the backlight,the yellow phosphor on the front of the bulb crumbles off and emits a bluish purple tint, tell tale sign is a bluish purple vizio logo when first starting if you see this your leds are failing

Update (11/04/2021)

see this video he explains and shows the failed leds

Update (11/04/2021)

this is a better video showing the crumbling yellow phosphor


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So what do we do? Can a tech fix this or does this mean the tv is dead 🥺


One thing to consider before going with this diagnosis is that those LEDs would likely not degrade all at once or all at the same time. So if your screen went blue all of a sudden and/or the blue tint is uniform across all of the screen I would suggest that this diagnosis doesn't apply to you.


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I found a quick solution, because it’s true the yellow is off and so the blue is too high. Instead of turning it off just leave every colour setting at zero and take the blue offset down to -100 to compensate for the yellow phosphorus in the vizeo and it will return your color to close to normal. Backlight and contrast and color all 50 and tint and sharpness zero. Normal temperature and all other settings off…

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I GREATLY appreciate your suggestion because in my case it helped a lot. It is a little bit off but for a base setting, I am satisfied! I will try a few tweaks from here. I'm guessing that there is no "one setting fits all" setting but for my TV it's looking soooooo much better! Thank you!!!!


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We i have a tv that when yoi turn on the tv the logo and everything looks normal but if we try to get tv going like antenna or connect a dvd player to it. The screen is dark and when changing pic settings like normal and calibrated the screen gives off a dark red tent on the entire screen, but the other pic settings are dark blue color. I cant get the color back to o normal i have reset the tv under factory reset, and done the unplugging tv and holding down the power button for 5 seconds and plug back in. Nothing helps. What should i do??!!

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