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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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FRP lock blocks flashing!

So it happened that my cellphone was shut down with low battery and i had the OEM locked and now the phone cannot be flashed because it say Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock. I tried everything i found on the internet from the smartswitch recovery that ofc didn’t work to flashing the latest firmware that keeps giving me errors like Custom binary (boot,radio,recovery) blocked by frp lock i even tried the frp unlock ect but none of them worked for me. I don’t know what to do anymore. would the erase nand help me smh? Help please it has been 4 days that i cannot solve anything. I cannot enter the recovery mode only download and the phone is stuck on BootLoader nothing happens. sometimes it gives me the red message Custom Binary Blocked by Frp Lock.

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Dear Tatazi.

Frp lock never effect on Firmware flashing

please use proper tools and firmware then flash it.

after successful flashing. you can unlock frp lock.

if you want know more about this.

please kindly attach some screenshot.

All the best


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Custom Binary Blocked by FRP lock, red text on bottom right of screen will occur on reboot / turn on as you have said when OEM unlock is not enabled and is set on disabled instead.

To get past that you’ll need to reflash a stock Samsung Rom (Match phone model SM-G928x) that is at least the same or newer version firmware back onto the phone. You’ll end up losing all data as if you have flash root / custom recovery files before it means that the data on the phone was setup as not being encrypted and when you flash back a stock rom it enforces encryption so it wont let you boot the phone up normally without factory resetting / wipe data the phone afterwards in recovery mode.

It is possible to remove FRP lock to let phone boot without factory resetting it / flashing with the use of a gsm flash box like Z3X tools but that costs money to get.

You can download firmware using either of the 3 options:

  • Download from
  • Download from
  • Download with the use of the program called SamFirm

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