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2, 2.26, 2.53, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Is it still worth the trouble (and investment!)?

Hi everyone!

After a lot of research i have decided I can do it! Maybe…. Just maybe i can fix tech. So i found what looks like a really good deal. Some guy will sell me his Late 2009 mac mini for €85. If i upgrade it fully…. Is it still worth it?? Can i do basic work stuff on this machine??

Please give me some opinions I feel a bit lost…

THANKS in advance :)

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It’ll work for basic tasks, but I wouldn’t put a lot of money into it. Get a good SSD and some memory and leave it at that; don’t invest anymore into a machine this old.

If you are okay with the limits of an SSHD, then that will be cheaper then an SSD. I wouldn’t recommend it but that’s something you need to decide on if a pure SSD is too expensive.

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Thanx Nick!

Can you maybe elaborate on how basic these tasks would be? With an SSD and upgraded memory?

I was thinking… Media center stuff, photo presentations, internet navigation, youtube videos, maybe some productivity tools…?

Is this machine just too old?

Knowing I’m on a tight budget here, what would you recommend?

Thank u so much :)


Basic tasks essentially means things like web browsing and social media. It would work for light media center use as well. $107 USD is high; knock that price down somewhat if you can, especially for a 9 year old Mac.

SSHD's are cheaper then SSD's, but they leave something to be desired in my experience BUT I also have a quadcore system (and use it for heavy processing tasks), so I probably notice those limitations more then you would on a typical system. I also had a first generation SSHD before it started failing at 10k hours so that also plays a role in my dislike for SSHDs. They're fine for typical use cases, but they have severe limitations.

Yes it's an older system but it's not completely obsolete yet. It's near the end but not quite there yet.


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