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Guides and repair information for Bissell vacuums.

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No power once turned on

Plugged in my Bissell ZING2156 pushed the on button and NOTHING. So I switched outlets a couple of times and still NOTHING.

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nah i see the power ts on but it wont power on please help



What is the model number of the vacuum cleaner and do you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it?


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Hi @dkwithers ,

Have you been using continuously for a while, and it switched off and now it doesn’t restart again or won’t it start from “cold”?

Just asking as most vacuum cleaner motors have a thermal cut out switch to protect the motor if it has gotten too hot. If this is happening to yours allow the vacuum cleaner to cool for about 20 minutes and try again.

Vacuum cleaner motors are “air cooled”, so check that the dust cannister is not overfull and that the filters are not clogged with dust

If this wasn’t the case, use an Ohmmeter to check for electrical continuity from the cord plug, through the vacuum cleaner On switch and motor and back to the plug. It may be a faulty cord, On/Off switch or motor.

If you don’t know how to use an Ohmmeter (or even have one) perhaps you know someone who does ;-)

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The Bissell model 13053 vacuum may have an intermittent where the base and top module meet due to constant flexing. Again, an ohm meter is required to verify this intermittent.

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