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What is proper assembly order for Jenn-air Model S161) oven dr. glass?

I have managed to disassemble my Jenn-air model S161 oven door for cleaning of the interior glass. I did not realize, prior to cleaning, that the 2 glass panels inside the frame were different. One panel is significantly thicker than the other. I managed to re-assemble the unit after cleaning, but I am unsure of the proper order. The thicker panel also has an etched label (PVG) on 1 side. My question is… what is the proper order of assembly (inside-out), and which side of the thicker (tempered?) glass faces the oven interior (if it matters)?

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Hi @d_roger ,

Don’t know the answer, but here is a link which shows an exploded view of all the parts in a Jenn-Air S161.

Click on the Door diagram link on the page to view the door parts assembly detail.

Hopefully it will be of some help.

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Thanks for your effort in trying to help. I found the same exploded view earlier in my quest for an answer. The view identifies the frame (#12 ) that holds both panes of glass. Unfortunately there is no indication as to which way to place the glass panes within the frame and orient it to the heat source. I would rather not guess. I have already re-assembled the door with the thick pane towards the oven interior but I do not know if it matters or if there is an invisible coating on one side of the thick glass that should be facing the heat. The frame assembly is sold on the website for $225. Maybe it comes with instructions on orientation, but it is an expensive way to find out.


Hi @d_roger ,

You probably already worked this out but the thicker panel with the etching (is it PVG?) can only go in one way if you are meant to "read" the etching from the outside. If you turn it around so that the etching is on the "inside" toward the oven interior the etching would be reversed i.e. reading right to left when viewed from the outside.

Just a thought.


Without being able to confirm the proper location of the 2 panes of glass in the frame, I took a chance and guessed wrong. The glass shattered upon being heated. I had a 50-50 chance now I have to take the $225 option.


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