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Charging system low volts on take off

I have a 2008 Saturn Outlook. The alternator was replaced about 8 months ago and a new battery bought today.

My problem is when I take off my charging bolts drops under 13v. That's when my system repays that my charging systems needs to be check. I can put the vehicle in neutral or come to a stop and my bolts goes back to normal.

I can get on the interstate and once in the on ramp my volts goes under 13v and as soon I put it in neutral on the highway it goes back to charging over/at 13v. When I put I back in drive it maintains the proper volts.

It only goes low when I take off. I've changed the belt and the problem is not solve.

Help me if you can.

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Hi @leevi3rd ,

There may be a problem with the car’s voltage regulator - example only not maintaining the correct output.

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I think its built in with the alternator


Hi @leevi3rd ,

I don't know your vehicle. I just went on the the link above saying compatible with 2008 Saturn Outlook.

It may be that the regulator in the alternator (if that's where yours is), is failing under load.

With the engine idling the voltage across the battery should read 13.8 -14.2 VDC.

This shouldn't change as you are driving. (Bit hard to measure I know), but that is what the regulator does. Maintains the voltage at a constant level regardless of the current demands of the vehicle, i.e. when A/c on, wipers, headlights, radio etc.

Measure the voltage across the battery with the engine idling and the headlights, wipers, A/C etc switched on and check if it is still in the optimum charging range for the battery


Thanks Jeff. I'll check it out


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